Friday, February 26, 2016

Happy St Patties Day

Well it's almost here..i made these up for the assisted living center that my church goes to once a month..we go on next Sunday, so here's my little treat for them.  Found the bags on clearance at Michael's for 99 ¢, figured hey they are green so i didnt have to be to creative with these but i know they like peppermint patties.

Using my Cricut Explore i used the print to cut feature, which i love..also used Cricut brand sticker paper (which is more like cardstock).  So I uploaded this pot of good, added some text and done, just added 2 peppermint patties to each little bag.  Now on to my next project, not sure what they will be just yet,

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Rolled flowers using Cricut's pearl paper

Have you seen the latest craze..everyone making paper flowers..most are using cardstock or scrapbook paper, have you tried using Cricut's pearl paper? It's thin enough to make rolling the flowers so  much easier, and its all the same weight so you don't have to worry about if the cardstock you are using will be to thick and make it hard to roll. Or just to do the cut flowers this paper is great for.  Here is a sample of a few that I did this morning using several sheets of the Cricut pearl paper.

Comes in lots of different colors

Just a little bit about the paper, first its 12 x 12, creates uniquely beautiful paper flowers, wreaths, special decor, etc.  They recommend using the Cricut UltraGrip mat, that is the blue mat.. i have used a barely sticky green mat as don't want to use a new green mat this paper will stick way to hard to want to be able to left it off without tearing your cut. Using the Cricut Explore machine you would set your dial to Custom and then choose Pearl Paper, cuts flawless.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Cricut Access and Design Space

Are you using a Cricut Explore and Design space? Well of course if you are using an Explore you are using Design have you seen what is new in DS as of today? Have you seen the new name, Cricut Access, where you have instant access to over 30,000 non-licensed images? 1,000 projects, and 370 fonts in the Cricut Library? And guess what, now you get 10% off of your purchases made in DS or on the Cricut website. Of course you can cancel anytime, but why would you.

Oh and get this its now cheaper to purchase the year subscription, its $95.88 so that works out to be $7.99 a month, you must buy the year to get that great price.

So when now when you open DS and see that little green a, you know that it means Cricut Access, shows you all that you have access too in the subscription.

Have any questions, ask i just may know the answer if not i know where to get it..