Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Big baby

And yes i did cute another of those babies,lol..i cut a couple of the stretched out ones but i didnt take a picture, not to worry i will and will post once i make a couple more.  I did give my 6yr old niece a couple to play with. This one is cut at 7 inches showing the smaller ones so you can see the difference in the sizes of there heads.

Paper hand bags

I also felt like playing with some papers from a stack i have called Safari..made up these 2 bags..i think they came out cute.

Crafting on Wednesday

Yup here's another day of quite a few things done... made up 3 Easter baskets, then did some purses? is that a word?lol...but anyway I made up 3 of those and then decided to use those for a Easter basket as well. I have 10 done up now, will do a few more, will be giving these to the kids at church.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Babies, babies and yes more babies..

I love these things..cute right? I'm glad i started cutting these late because I would have cut like 50,lol..i think i actually cut maybe 20 or so, have to finish dressing the rest.  Have no idea what i will do with them, just thought how cute...cut these with the Stretch your imagination Cricut tomorrow being Wednesday and it's suppose to rain, it'll be Crafting all of the perks of living alone and not having to clean as much,lol. Sure it's other things i could be doing and i'll probably do a little sumthin but mostly i'll be sitting in my craft room,listening to music and crafting..gonna make some stretched out babies, LOL. I cut some at 6 inches, some at 5 and some at 3 inches.

Keeping busy with orders..

Here is an order then I got on Sunday, needed to be completed by Thursday, but as usual I finished it today. 10 wrapped Hershey bars, 50 mini Hershey's put into cello bags with bagtoppers.  Then i cut a gable box using the 12x24 mat, was surprised but it holds all 25 of the cello bags with 2 mini's in them.

Couples things i've done

Had a couple of projects that i did over the weekend.  The arrangement was for a member of my church, something I that will be doing for church on as needed basis. And because i'm a candywrapper had to add some goodies to it.  Then i did a photo book for someone going on a Raven's Cruise, bet that is going to be a rocking ship,lol.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Crafting Wednesday

I normally do most of my crafting on Wednesday, couldn't finish because we had a thunder storm, well i guess i could have but its no fun worrying if lightning will come in the window, so i chose to lay across the bed, but who knows maybe i'll get a burst of energy and feel like going back to my craft room and do a few more ideas i have floating around in my brain or I can just wait until tomorrow to do it. Had been thinking about doing bunnies with the 3x3 tissue boxes from Target, so did 4 of those.  The rolls are lifesavers, made wrappers for those for my lunch buddies, i always take them something so did up a small bag with the lifesavers and the chocolate bars i posted yesterday. The tissue packs, got that idea last week while out for lunch someone had a pack with a label on them that they had received from a  funeral, so i was like hmm good idea i'll do some up for my church. So did about 9 packs will do more but later, just wanted to get the correct measurements, but then watch Target won't have the same size tissues next time i need some, good thing i have several more 4 pks in my stash.

Found these at the store yesterday..

Thought these could be used in some of crafts so picked a couple boxes, ok i got 5 and wish i had got them all and just might go back, what i dont use kids are use to make a bracelet or whatever. $1 a box. Nice price right.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Little chocolate bars

While out today i found these little dark chocolate of course i had to create a wrapper to wrap them with. They are 3 inches long.


Felt like making some wrappers this morning, so did  these to give to the UPS, Fedex or USPS carrier, cuz i get a lot of packages, somebody knocks on my door just about every day.  Fedex was here today, unfortunately I was out, so he didnt get one, maybe when he comes back later in the week,lol.

Monday, March 21, 2011

6 pk of soda, naw its bubbles in shape of a soda bottle

Guess I better not let little kids get a hold of these they might try to take a drink..i might have to get some of these before they sell out.

Cupcakes, no candy, no cupcakes

Well it's a cupcake bag topper with cupcake graphics and cello bags that i have filled with candy. These are for a shelter that my church is going to on this Saturday, i did 20 so far, still waiting for a count before i do anymore. I did the bagtopper in the Wrapcandy program on photo paper, got  a good deal on the cello bags they are 5x7.

Bunny jars

I have used these jars for Valentines Day with hearts, used some for Christmas and now you got it for Easter,lol.  I have to get a couple more packs of these jars,hopefully Ikea still has them, they had the best price. So anyway here's my bunny version, did these this evening.