Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sweet Tooth Box Cart and brownies

Well of course the brownies weren't made with the cart,lol..but the boxes where..wanted to give a little gift to a couple of friends of cut these boxes and put in a 4 pk of brownies from Target, taste sooooo good.

Meow Cricut cartridge and Sweet Tooth box

Used both of the carts above to create this box..the saying is from  a group of stickers that i had in my stash.

Cricut Flower Shoppe tootsie roll pops

Using the Flower Shoppe cart i cut the sunflower shape and put them on a lollipop, but them in this cute tin from Target.

Baby shower and Cricut cartridge Sweet Tooth boxes

Had a last minute order the other day to do these candy wrappers..then i like to present my items in different ways, since i have the Cricut Sweet Tooth box cart i cut these boxes to fit the candy bars, each box held 10 wrapped bars with clear cello sleeves.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Target finds 9 22 11

Went to Target today, they have lot of fall colors out..and found these tins, id say they are about 6 x 6..nice size to do some lollipop flowers in, or whatever..the red one as you can see has an apple embossed in it, the brown one has a leaf, the others are ofcourse i wish i had got more of the green with the dots...hopefully no one takes them all before i get back..maybe i'll go tomorrow,lol.  These where $1..they had some storage bins for $2.50 that match these..

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Leather look shoe purse and box

I brought 5 or 6 sheets of this paper the other day at ACMoore, of course now i wish i had brought all that they had, it was in the clearance bin so probably wont be there by the time get back, dern it, has a leather like feel to it, or texture, its called football, but i thought this is perfect for a shoe and purse.  Of course because i only had a few sheets i didnt make sure the piece was stuck to the mat, and it started cutting and then lifted up, its some big enough pieces left of it i can use a punch to get something out of it tho. The shoe is from the Princess Party cart, the purse is from Forever Young (i just discovered that this cart, one of the feature is a purse) all this time it been sitting in drawer..the box is from Sweet Tooth boxes, oh the shoe and hat is also from the Forever Young cart.

Drawer box

I saw this box over on Tina Time, she did a really cute job..i just wanted to play around, so made 3 of them and attached them to each other to have sort of a drawer set, i put in some punches that i had, some flower centers, just so many ideas.

Tootsie Pop flowers Flower Shoppe cart

Oh using this cart makes it so much easier to make these..just had to try it out..

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm on a shoe kick, no pun intended,lol

Ok my latest shoe's..i used the Flower shoppe cart to cut the flower, have to get some practice on those.but it looks ok..the butterfly i used a punch, punched out 3 and layered them.  Sweet Tooth boxes for the box. Just putting the little flower on the zebra shoe really changed the look don't cha think

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Paper shoe or shoes MORE ADDED

Well it is 5 shoes, but only 1 shoe not a set..just playing with these shoes cut from the Princess cricut cartridge, oh the possibilities, i could sit in there and play all day and i just might go back and cut some more. How you like my diamond and pearls shoe,LOL.

Okay made a few more shoes..and even a shoe box..the box is from the Sweet Tooth box cartridge.  The baby shoe, whew, took me longer to put that together then all of the other shoes put together, the sole was hard to line up, wouldn't want to make a bunch of those,lol, its cute tho.  I added a lining to some of these shoes as well, used the center of one that i cut out as a template, traced it to a piece of paper cut out and put it in, gives them some umph.