Friday, April 29, 2011


Had an order for 115 bookmarks, just finished them up last night..

Mini gable boxes

These boxes sure do come in handy, can cut them in all sizes to serve many purposes..just needed a little sumthin to give out at our tea on Saturday, so cut these, put in 4 Hershey kisses. I did 40 of them.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Owl candle

Did up this candle as a little gift, was invited to Easter dinner, when i go to someone's home I generally take them alittle sumthin, well when they feeding me i do,lol.. I used my Cricut to cut the owl and the circle on the bottom of the candle.

more Easter pics

I made matching covers for post it notes to match the handbags. And Target had pks of cards with envelopes, and note cards with envelopes in the $1 bins..was going to put a pk in a couple of the bags then figured since its just a cute gift im giving i took them apart and put 4 in a cello bag so ended up getting 12 pks out of what i had.

whew it's finally Easter..

Thank goodness..i can stop with the baskets, purses, bags and such. Started out I was going to do a few, then i decided to make them for the kids at church, and my nieces and nephews, then decided to make some purses for my ladies group at church, wont' be making any of those purse any time soon,lol. Ended up doing hmm 24 of those and 12 baskets, 6 bags of candy (for the older boys at church), i did 105 mint toppers tonight well last night since its after 1 in the morning..did 50 candy bars. Did the Lord's Prayer bookmarks the other night since it was prayer week, gave those out.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The rest..

For some reason couldn't post all of my pictures on the last post, so here are the rest of the purses I did yesterday.

Another last minute order..

Easter is a few days away, so guess folk just think I don't have anything else to do, they call and give me a order on Sunday that she needed for this morning..wasn't a big order but since it was a paying order of course i'll do it. Then being nice person that I am I'm taking the kids at church a basket on Sunday, had some done but finished up yesterday, did more of the purses, that sounds funny purses, but since it's not underlined I guess its right. Now i'm working on a couple more purses for some grownups, might finish today along with a few other things i have on my table, literally they are on my craft table.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Here are a few things that i've done this week

Been a few days but know that i have been busy

Right been a few days since i have posted anything, but i have been keeping busy crafting..finally about over this cold so had to get back to normal meaning cleaning, laundry, you know regular housework that when you don't feel well you just don't feel like doing.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

3D mug

I've been seeing these for a while but never took the time to give it a easy they are to make and with all the stacks of papers i have in here i could make a ton on these,lol.  My first one, I hope to make these to use with my floral arrangements, candy arrangements, so many things for a little sumthin sumthin gift.

Monday, April 11, 2011

And another Easter order

Just finished these, did 7 packets, a Hershey bar and a pack of lifesavers.  Didn't have a wrapper to match the lifesaver so used the color catcher to get the colors.

Easter is right around the corner

So that's why I have so many small orders,lol.. Did these 9 travel mugs, decided to do 2 of each design, well accept for 1.