Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bus driver popcorn bucket

Did these 2 buckets for the bus driver and bus aide on my nephews school bus...gonna give my sister a good price, i mean she is my sister, LOL.  But anyway..they each have the same things in them, a personalized photo album, 2 packs of microwave popcorn, large pk of Twizzlers, 3 pks of cookies, 12 pks of hand sanitizers and a bottle of hand sanitizer, pk of Mentos, couples packs of tissues, im probably forgetting something..since i have a few weeks (  i like to do things early) i may do a couple of water bottles.  I cut the school bus, cards and tags from the Doodlecharms im hooked on cutting school buses,lol.. will have to post some pictures of those later.

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