Friday, December 2, 2011

Cats, Lady Bugs and Teapots Salt Pepper shakers

Went to lunch with a few ladies yesterday, well the ones that i usually go to lunch with, this time I thought id take them something a little different..made them up salt and pepper shakers.. One of them loves and has 2 cats, hence she got the cats, the other loves tea  pots, yup you got it..then the last one wasn't sure what she would like so i did ladybugs...and then come to find out she loved them, she was telling us a story about her granddaughter found a ladybug the other day and wanted to keep it as a pet, it worked out.


  1. Very nice. I have been looking for S&P shakers all week and can't find them. TFS

  2. I got mine at Dollar General and Giant..dont really care for Giant's because they are just round, they are tapered.. I brought all that Dollar General had will have to check again this week to see if they got any in since they dont sell them online. The ones from Dollar Tree look tapered when i looked online.