Sunday, March 4, 2012

Crafting Saturday..TBBM2 cuts and Create a Critter

Yup yesterday all i did was craft, forget house work can do that any time, LOL.  Here's some of what i did. Had some unscented lotion, added some scents to some of it, bottled it up and made the labels. A couple Mason ball jar that i decorated,one was for a birthday present for my pastor gave them to him today. The yellow one i just felt like yellow yesterday, bright for some reason. How bout that onesie box, cute ain't it, i'm so loving that TBBM2 cart and the Create a Critter, I could cut from them both all day, well yesterday i kinda did.


  1. Someone has been very busy!!! Love all your creations!! keep them coming!

  2. These are soooo cute! Well, my friend, you did it!!! It's all your fault I finally went ahead and order the TBBM2 cart...

    Thanks a lot!!! LOL!!!

    1. LOL you love it, can't to see what you make first.