Friday, November 23, 2012

My absence

Been a few weeks since i've posted anything on here..been quite busy my church did Operation Christmas Child this year and we where a relay center, so spent all but 1 day over there last week.  Then this week well it was Thanksgiving..and my daughter and son in law came over yesterday morning and made me tear up my craft they did, they really did,lol..  Can't believe how much stuff i had in here, all day i've been putting things back and getting rid of some things, they put a BESTA unit in here, well another one, mainly to hold my Cricut stuff, of course neither has seen how many carts i have, they did see the paper overflow, now i'm to put all of my paper in a larger cabinet, been doing that off and on all day..but had to take some time to do some fun things and get a nap in,lol.

Hope everyone had an enjoyable and peaceful Thanksgiving..

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