Saturday, September 28, 2013

It's a birthday

Well not mine, well mine was on this past Wednesday, unfortunately I was ill, finally beat the cold  down, at least it was an end of the summer cold, wait no its fall isnt it..but anyway finally getting back to where i feel like doing some crafting.. I have been knitting hats on my Nifty Knitter not totally  not doing nothing.  So anyway have a birthday party to go to tomorrow for a  1 yr sure he doesnt need toys, clothes or much else, but want to take something, so used a bank, added his name to it with vinyl, added a few dollars too..and did a Ikea picture frame with Mickey on one side, and space for a picture of Mikey on the other. The bank didnt have any padding on the feet so i cut circles of cork and put on them so it doesnt scuff up anything.  Had to decorate the bag as well, can't take a plain bag when my Cricut is sitting right there.

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