Friday, April 1, 2011

Something different..well at least for me..

This was  a different kind of order for me..the customer brought mostly everything and wanted me to put it together. She gave me 2 Hershey with almonds, 2 Mallo cups, Extra gum, a pk of tissue, lighters, 2 11 oz travel mugs, jelly beans, a pk of napkins, 2 gift cards, some candles, i think thats it.  So i wrapped everything i could wrap,lol, found this box to put everything in and here it goes.  Oh and then I thought id make them a set of salt/pepper shakers.  In case you hadn't noticed it's this couples 40th wedding anniversary, the customer is the mother of the wife. They haven't seen anything like this personalized wrappers so i know she will flip tomorrow when she comes to get it, which is a good thing cuz that will make her talk about it and hopefully bring me some more orders,lol.


  1. Very nice. That color really looks good.

  2. I found out that Ruby is the color for 40th anniversary, thats why i chose that color.

  3. These are great!!! I love how you put these all together -- don't know how you think of them, but I definitely love your cuties!!!