Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Trade Up - Make it Forward with Cricut

Have you heard about the trade up program that Cricut is doing?  What you haven't, well here is a letter from the CEO, explaining about Make it Forward.. If you have an older machine,you just need to take a picture of the machine and then another picture of the serial #, follow the link, fill out the info and get $50 off a new Explore, the newest Cricut. Oh ok so you already have an Explore, that's okay, why not do it for a friend, your church Sunday School, a grade school, your neighbor, or family member, okay you get the idea..make it forward.

"Many of our users have reached out to me about our Make it Forward / Trade Up program so wanted to share some thoughts.
At Cricut, we have done many giveaways in the past where we have asked our users to share their “cause” or something that they believe in, or are involved in. Our users have shared the most amazing stories about how someone can use the Cricut machines to help charities, schools, moms, and community organizations. Also, for some people they have turned their creativity into a business with the Cricut machine. We have done several of these giveaways and every time it is very difficult to select one or two from the many many submissions. We wish we could send everyone a free machine - if only we had the means to do that. Unfortunately, we don’t. So we wanted to figure out how to do something like this in a much bigger and more scalable way.
What if millions of our users became donors of their previous machines? What if we all decided to come together and help change the world? What if we could each make a difference one machine at a time?
Our team had been thinking of a "Trade Up” program being tied it to “Make it Forward” for some time. The goal of ‪#‎makeitforward‬ was where users would pass their old machines (especially if they are not using their old machines) to other folks or institutions that could benefit from them. The $50 discount tied to the “Trade Up” was our contribution to help support everyone in the “Make it Forward” program.

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