Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Life is a Party cart

Mailman dropped the cart off this morning and i just had to give a try right these boxes..the small green box will hold atleast 6 Hershey mini's, probably 10 or so kisses, have to find whatelse will fit in there but you know i think candy first,lol.  The bag is a backpack actually would be cute cut small for  a party favor, of course can be embellished, or use a printed paper, aww i will have lots of fun with this cart. Oh yes its a window box, so you could put a piece of acrylic in there, i just stuck a piece of printed cardstock in there, but could put a picture, some wordarts, all sorts of things.


  1. SO, SO CUTE!!! I love the boxes and that back pack is pretty cute!! Have fun with your new Cartridge!! New Follower!!

  2. Hi Tina..welcome to my blog..thanks for joining. Hope i inspire you, or show you something that gets you intrigued,lol.