Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wedding twisted boxes

Or what some of you call sour cream boxes..anyway did these a couple weeks ago but didn't feel right posting them until after the wedding which was yesterday.  Did 100 of these, next order i get for these I will make sure to use lighter paper,lol..the white paper was fine held together for like the past 3 weeks, the black paper was another story, i redid quite a few of those up until i gave them to the bride on Friday morning i had to put a couple back together, the paper was just to thick, even tho i used the best tape i know Terrifically tacky tape holds most everything else i have put it on, have boxes that i did last year (not this type) but still they are just fine.  But anyway they looked nice sitting on the tables yesterday (yes i was invited to the wedding as well,lol.)


  1. Very nice party favors. Try using the "Scotch Quick-Dry Adhesive". It dries pretty quick and you don't need much and should hold up.

  2. Is that in a bottle? like a glue? Man those black boxes gave me a fit,lol..Like every week i had them out of 50 like 20 would come apart.