Sunday, May 15, 2011

Practicing neckties

Saw a post on another blog about making Father day's cards using this necktie..had a link to a tutorial..they are sending the cards to our troops, i think i will have to look back when i get a few done up..I will make up as many as i can stand,lol..and then get in touch so i can send them to someone.  So here's me practicing making the origami necktie..practice makes near to perfect, im learning...i started 2 cards, need to add some i cut a bunch of envelopes, some to small to big just right,lol..i think i finally got a size that i feel comfortable be on the lookout for more post concerning these cards.


  1. Very nice. I've done the shirts but not the ties, I will have to look for those.

  2. Luv the necktie!!! Great job. My students might like to do something like that. Btw, thx for the help. I appreciate you taking time to answer my questions. Have a fabulous day.