Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Toilet paper holder and Doodlecharms

Did this last week, had to get back into crafting to soothe my soul all the stuff happening last week...i finally saw the toilet paper holder that Cottonelle has, well i saw the ad, have no idea what it's made out of, but it gave me an here i made one that fits a roll of Scott's, which of course Scott's is a bit larger then a regular will have to try one for a regular size roll soon.  But anyway here's what i came up with...trial and error..the bottom was pretty easy..was a technique i learned from making a cup.. although next one i will cut the circle for the bottom a little smaller..cut that with my Cricut, think i cut it 5 inch will do it 4 3/4 next time.  Now the top was a bit more challenging.. i still have to look to see if i have a cart with a round box on it..but for this i cut a circle and a strip, so its not perfect but it works.  The pumpkins came from the Doodlecharm's cart.

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