Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Paper shoe or shoes MORE ADDED

Well it is 5 shoes, but only 1 shoe not a set..just playing with these shoes cut from the Princess cricut cartridge, oh the possibilities, i could sit in there and play all day and i just might go back and cut some more. How you like my diamond and pearls shoe,LOL.

Okay made a few more shoes..and even a shoe box..the box is from the Sweet Tooth box cartridge.  The baby shoe, whew, took me longer to put that together then all of the other shoes put together, the sole was hard to line up, wouldn't want to make a bunch of those,lol, its cute tho.  I added a lining to some of these shoes as well, used the center of one that i cut out as a template, traced it to a piece of paper cut out and put it in, gives them some umph.


  1. I love them! I guess I need this cart afterall!! They are gorgeous!!

  2. Very nice. Love the papers you used.

  3. Absolutely darling!!! Loving the shoe box... I might have to "steal" this idea!! You did a great job!!!
    Tina B

  4. LOL naw im trying to give you inspiration, do your thing, cuz no matter it wont be exactly like any one else's it'll be your take. I cut the box from the Sweet Tooth Box cart, the toolbox, using the alternative lid.