Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Crafting Wednesday

I normally do most of my crafting on Wednesday, couldn't finish because we had a thunder storm, well i guess i could have but its no fun worrying if lightning will come in the window, so i chose to lay across the bed, but who knows maybe i'll get a burst of energy and feel like going back to my craft room and do a few more ideas i have floating around in my brain or I can just wait until tomorrow to do it. Had been thinking about doing bunnies with the 3x3 tissue boxes from Target, so did 4 of those.  The rolls are lifesavers, made wrappers for those for my lunch buddies, i always take them something so did up a small bag with the lifesavers and the chocolate bars i posted yesterday. The tissue packs, got that idea last week while out for lunch someone had a pack with a label on them that they had received from a  funeral, so i was like hmm good idea i'll do some up for my church. So did about 9 packs will do more but later, just wanted to get the correct measurements, but then watch Target won't have the same size tissues next time i need some, good thing i have several more 4 pks in my stash.

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