Sunday, March 20, 2011

Last minute orders

Got a call Friday morning about 7:30 to do 30 birthday's a couple pictures of the lifesavers and packaging that i did. Plus as a gift since it was last minute figured id would just make up a few things, so did her a brag book, bookmarks and a 4.4 oz Hershey Bar. Oh the box..couldnt think of what to put them in so made that butterfly box out of a sheet of cardstock and my scoreboard. Then went looking thru my stash i found that big gable box that i can got from Target a couple months ago, sure wish they had more of those, but maybe now that i have  12 x 24 mats for my Cricut i will be able to find paper to cut my own.


  1. These are really nice. That last minute work is awesome!

  2. Wow these are great thanks for sharing!!

  3. Really awesome.....for being a last minute order you did a great job.