Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Babies, babies and yes more babies..

I love these things..cute right? I'm glad i started cutting these late because I would have cut like 50,lol..i think i actually cut maybe 20 or so, have to finish dressing the rest.  Have no idea what i will do with them, just thought how cute...cut these with the Stretch your imagination Cricut tomorrow being Wednesday and it's suppose to rain, it'll be Crafting all of the perks of living alone and not having to clean as much,lol. Sure it's other things i could be doing and i'll probably do a little sumthin but mostly i'll be sitting in my craft room,listening to music and crafting..gonna make some stretched out babies, LOL. I cut some at 6 inches, some at 5 and some at 3 inches.


  1. They are too cute. I like that cart myself. Love he gable box. Looks like you have tons of goodies in there.

  2. They are adorable, and the little patch of hair, how cute!!!