Sunday, March 20, 2011

More scrapbooking at Target

Took a walk yesterday evening and stopped by Target..they moved the scrapbook aisle in my went to take a look and they have more scrapbooking items.  The epoxy shapes, $.99, those packs of scrap pieces of cardstock, its 1 lb of paper in different sizes for $1.02, you know i had to get 2 pks,lol.  Maybe next time they will have different colors both of those pks have the same colors. They even have the 8.5x11 cardstock for $.99 in pks of 12 i think, and more cardstock.  And they had stacks on clearance, the school days was $3.97, i had already brought one those a few weeks ago on clearance it was $7.94, so since it was cheaper i brought 2 more,lol. I mean i hate to pass up a good bargain, and the Glitter pk was about the same price, the pk of blue envelopes (which i have no idea what i will use them for) but for $1.48 couldnt leave them sitting on the shelf either.

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