Friday, March 18, 2011

Little shopping haul..

Needed to go to Sam's to get a couple boxes of the fruit flavored lifesavers, got those and then i saw this big bag of mints.. 4.5 lbs has 550 mints in this bag.  So put this bag in my stash.  This bag was $9.98 and the now smaller bag i got from Target couple weeks ago onsale for $7.49, but normally they are $8.49.

Then while i was out stopped in ACMoore, well i had a $10 reward certificate burning a hole in my hand so wanted to spend that before i put it somewhere and forget where it is. They had these candles on sale for $2, the are 3x6. They had these small pks of scrapbook papers, 6 or 8 sheets in a pk for $1, love that tomboy princess one, got a couple of those. And 3x6 color sheets of Bazzill papers, its 30 sheets in it for $1.   Oh and they had single sheets of paper which i never buy, but 3 for $1 i got a few sheets, regular $.69 to $.89 a sheet.


  1. Very nice shopping haul. Love those papers, and I need to look in my ACMoore for those candles. TFS

  2. Wow! You definitely have a jackpot of goodies there!